Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Mornings

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Does anyone ever notice that Sunday mornings are the best? I mean, rain or shine, hot or cold, there is nothing as wonderful as a Sunday morning.

Sundays in our house are always the best. We wake up, make a great "big" breakfast ( this morning it was an egg, 1 turkey sausage, hashbrown and some pumpernickel toast), drink coffee, and listen to the 70's on galaxy. Colin and I play with the kids and generally relax. Sunday morning is my FAVORITE time of the week.

So this week could have been worse. I managed to stay OP every day this week, including last night at the movies. No Sugar Added Peppermint Patties are my new best friend! But I only exercised twice, and the second time was pretty brutal. I managed to get out on Thursday night, but only completed 4 full minutes of running out of ten. My pace was 8:41 per kilometre, so I was WALKING really fast. I took Friday off as per the schedule.

Saturday was a bust! I bundled up, stepped outside......and fell flat on my face. Literally. Flash freezing and outdoor running? Not such a good match. And I didn't even bother this morning. Why? It's -20 with the windchill and I have a session with Chris tomorrow. On Tuesday I will go to clinic and do the best I can.

I want to say hi to anyone new out there that is taking the time to read my little blog! And to my new friend n8te.....from the bottom of my heart.......thanks!