Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Stuff

We had our first appointment with the Midwives on Tuesday. The first thing I can say is this is not a trip the kiddies will be making with me very often. They are both just too crazy to control.

My Primary Midwife is Ann and her co-Midwife is Amanda. I have had experience with Ann before. In fact, she was there when Connor was born. She seems very sweet.

BP - 100/56
Weight - More than I thought.

My protein and glucose were also a little high, which can probably be explained by the extra weight I am carrying around. I have been told that I need to try and watch what I eat and do everything I can to not gain any weight (yeah, easier said than done). I am also going for the 1 hour glucose test early to make sure that I do not have the beginnings of Gestational Diabetes. Greeeeeaaaat.

My next appointment is on February 24th. I will be sure to leave the kids at home for this one!

In other news....well I really don't have any thing else. It has been snowing here again and that makes going out with the kids nearly impossible.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Me, Fabulous?

My BFF Marlene tagged me saying my blog is Fabulous! Well thanks very much!

So I have to list 5 things that I am addicted to and then tag five more bloggers. So here goes:

1) My Laptop - I am attached at the hip to this thing..............most people that see me daily know I am usually on this computer NON STOP.

2) Soap Operas - I have been watching since the days of Mac and Rachel Cory on Another World. The only soap I watch daily now is Y&R, but I follow every storyline on every show.

3) Pizza - I can eat pizza morning, noon and night. And now that I am pregnant again? Well watch out! My favs? Pizza Hut Meat Lovers and Pizza Pizza Sweet Chili Chicken Thai

4) My children - I am the most blessed lady in the world and it is all thanks to these little buggers! Anyone that knows the "real" me knows that I have always wanted 4 kids, but I am pretty sure that we will be stopping at three!

5) Reading - Anything. Magazines, books (finished the Twilight series in less than 4 days!), name it, I read it. I especially like Recipe books. I am always looking for new delicious meals to make.

So here are my five tagged bloggers:

Marci at I Signed Up For This

Mel at 2nd Chances (btw, we need to PROPERLY meet lol)

Nikki at Slow is the New Fast

Carly at Chubby Chicks Run Too

Thanks again M! Love ya!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not much new to report

Hi Everyone!

Still here. Although I am feeling a little worse for wear. The first trimester was difficult, but it will be over soon.

I managed to snag a spot at our local Midwives office which is awesome. Apparently here in York Region they are VERY busy and even though they have seen me TWICE before they may not have been able to see me this time. But I was relieved to hear that I was going back! My first appointment is on Thursday. They are usually all about questions and stuff. There really isn't anything more to discuss this early on.

The weather around here has not been the greatest, so getting out and walking has been a bit of a hassle. But I am sure that it will warm up soon, right?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

August 6th

Pregnant through most of the summer. How much fun will that be?

After a very taxing morning, I managed to have mt dating ultrasound and we got our due date. I was also able to see the baby, which was pretty cool. It is less than three centimetres long! But it was still pretty cool to see. It is WAY to early to see if it is a boy or girl yet (I vote girl!) and we aren't sure if we are going to be finding out this time. We are set for either or at this point. So I think I may keep it a surprise.

There are a lot of changes coming in the next few weeks. Hubby is in full swing for his marathon training, which I enjoy watching him accomplish. He is such a natural when it comes to athletics and he never really seems to need to try. He has all these races lined up for March, which I will be standing by and cheering him on. The problem is making him aware that he needs to run at a "training" pace and not at a race pace. Bugger.

So far the only race I am doing is the Nordion 10k during Ottawa Race Weekend (Hubby is running the Marathon). I wanted to try to get a few more 5k's under my belt, but I am not so sure. I feel great when I run, but with everything else going on, I am not sure what I will be able to fit in!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Alrighty then........

Happy 2009 Everyone! I apologize for me disappearance as of late. There has been some.....developments.

So does everyone remember my mentioning being sick? Well, it turns out that I wasn't sick with the stomach flu!

Baby #3 will be making his/her arrival in the summer of 2009!

Can we say shocked much?

So my running has now turned into walking. When I feel good enough to crawl out of bed. I am beyond sick this time. And I mean, really sick. I hate to complain, but I still feel awful!

On Monday we will be having a "dating" ultrasound. Since my WACKY PCOS makes keeping track of normal cycles, well, impossible, we are using an ultrasound to figure out the length of the pregnancy so far. We are pretty excited.

So what does this mean for my 2009. I now have THREE race bids I need to get rid of. But I think I just might eat them so I can keep the swag. One of the races I know I can walk, so I may do that. But one of them I know I can't walk. So it will have to be figured out.

Also, my blogging may become a bit.....sporadic. I walk/ SLOWLY jog about everyday. But I am busy with work, my hubs and kiddies, my niece. The list is long and time consuming. Plus as I have said before, it seems both redundant/inappropriate to talk about losing weight when I should be "gaining" it, albeit not tons of weight. Both pregnancies have been good in that department.

So here is where I am. I am pretty excited. I will let everyone know any news after Monday, if anyone out there cares anymore!