Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesdays Gone Away

I managed to squeeze in a run this weekend while I was away and it felt pretty good. I decided to take a few days off and will be doing my last set of 2 & 1's tomorrow night at Run Club. Then it's 3 & 1's. Wow. Time flies when you're in pain.......I plan on running at least twice more over this weekend. So hopefully I will be where I want to be sooner rather than later.

Also, I head back to work tonight. Thank God. Not getting paid does not equal good times. And I have a lot of shifts coming up, so I will be back to a regular schedule in no time!

The weather this week is going to be BEAUTIFUL. So I am going to be taking the kids to the zoo tomorrow, which they always enjoy. Plus we have a membership, which is totally worth it.

Happy Tuesday everyone

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1) Well we are moving on to 2 & 1's tonight at clinic. I always get a little nervous when we move on to the next level. So far so good for me. I feel good, I feel really good! Lets hope that it keeps up! It is also Bring a Buddy night and THE SHOE TALK. Oh lord, between a half dozen clinics and working at the store, I could give the shoe clinic myself!

2) The kids have spent the last week at their Grandmother's place, so I have had a nice break. It has been really good! But I miss them and I will be looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow! With spring coming, it means that we can do more outside! So I am hoping we can make it out to the park in the next few weeks!

3) April is already looking to be a VERY busy month for us! I return to work on March 30th and EVERY weekend is booked from now till the end of the month! Another sign the year is moving forward. Less REST DAYS!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last 1 & 1's

So with the rain disappearing after a few days, me and Cam Man made our way out for my last set of 1 & 1's this week! Did 2.5 k in 25 minutes, which is right on track. The longer you run, the faster you go, so I am not going to worry too much about my time right now! On to 2 & 1's tomorrow!

Everything feels nice and loose. I find on days that I exercise I am never really hungry. I think I might try to do something everyday, so as to make sure I don't eat myself to death!

And I was down 7 pounds this first week back at it! I love the first week of Weight Watchers. All the crap comes out of your system. Lets hope I can keep it up!

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Goal Race

So my hubby has talked me into running the Hazel 5k in May as a goal race for the end of this clinic. I wasn't going to run in a race, but I figured why the heck not. We all know that having a race in mind keeps us going out there (most of the time). And with the weather beginning to get nicer, it is going to make it easier to get out and run.

So far so good. The clinic started on Thursday night, and like most Learn to Run clinics, is HUGE! I think that everyone is going to have a lot of fun. Once we are able to leave the parking lot that is :)

And on the Weight Loss side of things I was down 6 pounds this week! YAY! Being back on Weight Watchers always makes me feel more focused. But please, I have to find something else to eat besides SALAD. I am turning into a rabbit over here!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I've Been Cleared - Three Things Thursday

  • The title says it all. I have been cleared to run! My appointment went great yesterday! All my tests came back ok, so they didn't find anything in the tissue that needs exploring further. And apparently (turn away if you think you will be embarrassed) the tissue they did remove was 95% mammary tissue. It was all boob baby lol! He told me not to play any contact sports for another month, but that I could return to my regular activity as soon as I feel comfortable. I was just so pleased with the initial outcome of this. It has changed my life already. And there is still a bit of healing left to go!
  • I went running again last night. 2k in 20 minutes exactly! So yeah, a 10 minute kilometre pace, but hey, I am just starting again right? Hopefully as I get better and things start clicking I will get a bit faster. I would LOVE to be able to run a 7:30 k by the end of the year. Is that too lofty a goal?
  • I had our niece with us this week for March Break. My sister is due to have her second child in May, but this pregnancy has been difficult for her. So to give her some much needed rest, I have been taking our niece during the day. Let me just say it has been a lot of fun. But there is not way in HELL I could have another child. Three is the PERFECT number!
If you have the time please head over to my BFF's page and take a moment to donate to Nolan's Dream Chasers. It is an amazing cause, one that helps a lot of children enjoy their life during it's most difficult time. Thanks again!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Doing it Right

In an effort to get back in the saddle, I decided it was time for a new pair of running shoes. My solid, but incredibly worn out Adidas Control 10's needed to be retired.

Any runner out there can attest that when you find a shoe you love, you really should try to stick with it. I have always been an Asics girl (my first two pairs of running shoes were 2120's and 2130's). But then I tried the Control 10's and fell in love. But guess what? That's right, they don't make them anymore. Boo. So, I went to The Running Room here in Aurora (my store, the GREATEST STORE IN THE WORLD!) and had my manager do another gait analysis on my feet. Luckily, my gait was the same. But guess what? The 2140's and 2150's have changed.


So, after trying several shoes, I found my new pair:

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10

At first, I have to admit, I was hesitant. They felt great on, but they needed a test drive. So off to the gym I trudged tonight for my first POST OPERATION workout. And guess what?

They are incredible. My feet never felt like this was the first time I had on these shoes. They felt nice and snug and there was a ton of room in the toe box. Plus, my left foot, which has been bothering me for some time, didn't hurt at all. I did 7 sets of 1 and 1's plus ten minutes on the bike.

As for "the girls"? Well, this operation will be changing my life. I was EXHAUSTED by the end of the 15 minutes, but I could breathe. I could breathe. I am pretty sure everyone in the gym thought I was crazy, because I actually burst into tears!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cross Those Fingers

After a long week of recuperating and rest I "think" my back is back to normal. I really don't want to go through this again if I can help it.

Man is my fitness struggling though. Back to some light exercises tomorrow. I have a final appointment with my plastic surgeon on Wednesday. If he gives me the OK, I will begin running again on Thursday with the new Learn to Run clinic starting here in Aurora! And I hear the instructor is awesome*! So I am really looking forward to it :) I know that starting over for the....1......2.....3......4th time is going to be daunting, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

I forgot to mention a few months ago I planned out this very intricate running calendar for this year. And next. I am WAY off now. But, I still want to try and up my distance to at least a 10k by the fall. Maybe I can. Maybe I can't. We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed!

* It's my husband LOL!

** I just realized that I had MODERATE ON on my blog and didn't see ANY COMMENTS from the past THREE MONTHS! Thank you everyone for all you kind words and support. I love and appreciate you all VERY. VERY MUCH! And I turned moderate off ROTFLMAO!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Best Laid Plans

My intended run did not happen. I woke up on Friday morning with a tweak in my back. As the day progressed, it became full on spasms. And I have been having then every day since. I am not going to the doctor because I already know what it happened. I have been doing more than I should have been and the muscles around my back and ribcage can't seem to handle it. Now I can't walk upright and feel like I vice is squeezing my right around the middle.

So now I am depressed that I STILL can't get out there and get going. I am so FRUSTRATED. And the weather is gorgeous this week. I wanted to take the kids out to do some stuff. Now it doesn't look like that will be happening either :(

Yesterday many of my friends and family including my hubby ran the first real "race" of the season here in Southern Ontario. I haven't tried The Chilly Half Marathon yet, but hopefully someday I will! Small Steps! Hubby was 4 SECONDS off his personal best, but he was happy with his time! My BFF got a personal best by more than five minutes. Congrats to everyone that ran and I hope to join you in the future!

Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm Back

Hello to anyone still out there!

My surgery was, for the most part, a success! Not being able to do any real physical activity is causing me some issues (ie weight gain) but overall I am really pleased. It can take a yeah for everything to settle into place, but I am really happy with the results already.

Tomorrow I will be going out with my Personal Trainer (my husband!) and going for a 3k run. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. He is being so supportive during all of this. I am pretty lucky.

I will be returning to work at the end of the month and going full tilt then. I am hoping to teach the Womens Only Clinic in May, as hubby is teaching the Learn to Run and 5k back to back starting at the end of March. I am also hoping to run a few races into the summer and fall, but I am not so sure how that is going to work out.

Wish me luck on my continued recovery!