Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I can't believe it's here?

So, tonight is the night? THE night. Tonight I begin my "Learn To Run" clinic at the Running Room. And just to preface, I think I am terrified.

But not of anything bad happening. It's just, this is it. This is the point where I have decided to become a runner. In December when I signed up for the clinic I thought "hey, this will be a good way to start running.". But now that it's here, I am so unsure of myself. Can I do this? Will I get hit by a car? Will I get blown away by a tornado?

Well that last part is ridiculous, but anyone that knows me knows I worry about the stupid stuff.

So here I go in my Cool Max Shirt, Brand Spanking new pants, sock, shoes and Reflective Jacket.

Is this nuts?