Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy Freakin' New Year!

Hello Anyone that is still out there reading!

Well Christmas 2007 has come and gone and who can believe it? I sure know that I can't. 2008 is upon us!

We had a very successful Christmas here and a good time was had by all. We had our annual Christmas Eve Party and it was a very good time. Lots of good food and lots of laughs! Then it was a huge Christmas morning brunch at my Mom and Dad's place. That was also a very good time. And everyone spoiled Connor and Sydney rotten! Their room looks like a Toys R' Us!

And Santa spoiled me too! In a bid to get fit, he brought me all kinds of goodies. I got a new iPod Nano, Polar Heart Rate Monitor, Nike + iPod running system, many running clothes and a new pair of shoes! Very nice!

I am looking forward to using most of these things on Tuesday, when I begin my Running Room Clinic. I am still kind of nervous about this one. I was hoping that I would have gotten some running in before the big day, but that hasn't been possible. I am going to try to run at least ONCE before Tuesday though.

Also Monday is the big day: I return to Weight Watchers meetings. While I have enjoyed the online Weight Watchers program, the bottom line is, I am not accountable on weigh in day. So I think that might be damaging me. Plus my BFF joined a few weeks ago and we will be going together. I won't post her name, but you all know who she is LOL! And she is kicking a$$ so I figure, what a great motivation. Colin will be going to the meetings begining on Monday's too, but they are the men only meetings. So hopefully we will get back on track!

We are wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Thanks for reading and catch ya real soon!