Thursday, April 1, 2010

Three Things Thursday

I really need to NOT only post twice a week:

  1. Last night at Run Club we completed our last round of 2 & 1's! Woohoo! This time around I really felt like I didn't do as poorly, and last night I ran my best so far! I always treat any run pretty much like a race. I hate leaving anything out there. So I run my little heart out.
  2. This weekend is Easter. I cannot believe it. It feels like only yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas. Now that April is here, the rest of the year is going to fly by. We are having brunch tomorrow with our family, then Easter Dinner on Sunday at my Mom and Dad's. We also have tomorrow off here in Canada, so that means LONG WEEKEND!
  3. I started back at work on Tuesday night and it was great to be back. I missed working, and I missed my co-workers. And April looks like I will be getting lots of great shifts, so I am very excited!
I hope everyone has an amazing Easter.


Marlene said...

Nice work on the 2 & 1's!

See ya tomorrow! YAY!

Don't forget the syrup, lol!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

It does feel like Christmas was just a few weeks ago!! Crazy! Hope you and the family had a wonderful Easter, great job on the running Sarah!!