Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Bullets

  • So a friend from work is going to look at my food diary and try to help me make an affordable "healthy eating" meal plan that we can incorporate into our daily life. We all need to start eating more good and less CRAP!
  • So the plan was to run home from work tonight, but my surgery site is infected and OPENED this morning. Not too badly, but running 4+k might make it worse. So I am going to try and squeeze in a run tomorrow morning while my Mom is here with the kids during my neurology appointment.
  • Connor's first race is coming up this weekend (along with a 1/2 marathon for dad)! He is pretty excited about it actually. It should be a blast!
  • Colin has decided NOT to run the Mississauga Marathon after all. Won't get into it, as it is his business, but he is focusing on a Fall Marathon. He thinks he has settled on this one!
  • Thanks for all the ideas for my Hubby's birthday. The kids are already asking to go and get the cake lol!
Tomorrow is Wednesday! YAY!


Marlene said...

Too bad about the full... I hope all goes well for him whatever he decides.

Also hope your incision heals up and feels better by morning. Ouchie!

Connor is going to be TOO CUTE this weekend. Take lotsa pics for me!

Marlene said...

(is he going to switch to the half at Miss.?)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

I've always wanted to do Niagara, and had wanted that to be my first full.... maybe it will be since I never completed Mississauga! Good luck to Connor, and hope the incision clears up really soon! OUCH!!!