Thursday, April 29, 2010

Three Things Thursday

  • I finished up my last set of 6 & 1's for 3.5k last night and it was awesome! Despite some SERIOUS winds, I ran my best yet. It felt really good to have another good run under my belt. Tonight we move up to 8 & 1's! YIKES! But seriously, I am actually not at all nervous about it. I am feeling good and I think it's going to be great! Plus our talk is about cross training, which mean one of my fav people D I will be talking! YAY!
  • My schedule in May is INSANE! Which means I am working a ton. And running even more. I have been trying to come up with a plan to run one the days that I work, and I think running home from work is going to be what I end up doing. It is just under 5k door to door, and the run is nice this time of year. Just hope the nights I want to run home the weather is good
  • I am already considering my late summer/fall game plan as well. I wanted to try and see about training for Chilly in March, but I think I am going to aim for a spring 1/2 instead. Maybe. We'll see ;)

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Gurl Runn'R said...

running home from work sounds like a blast. i should do it. it is gorgeous, i am loving this spring weather.