Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wet Wednesday

It looks like its going to be a wet one around here. We have been spoiled with beautiful weather the past week, so we were bound to get some awful rain in our future. Well, the future is now!

I will be heading out tonight on my own for my last set of 3 & 1's. Tomorrow we move onto: 4 & 1's! I can't put anything by you guys! So far so good, hopefully I make 4 & 1's rock too!

We seem to have another runner in the family. Connor will be running in his very first race on April 25th here in Aurora! It is the Kids Mini Mile at the Run for Southlake (Daddy is running the 1/2 marathon)! He gets his own race kit and medal for finishing! He is very excited! And no, it isn't an actual mile, it is the last 500 Metres of the race course!

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