Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1) Well we are moving on to 2 & 1's tonight at clinic. I always get a little nervous when we move on to the next level. So far so good for me. I feel good, I feel really good! Lets hope that it keeps up! It is also Bring a Buddy night and THE SHOE TALK. Oh lord, between a half dozen clinics and working at the store, I could give the shoe clinic myself!

2) The kids have spent the last week at their Grandmother's place, so I have had a nice break. It has been really good! But I miss them and I will be looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow! With spring coming, it means that we can do more outside! So I am hoping we can make it out to the park in the next few weeks!

3) April is already looking to be a VERY busy month for us! I return to work on March 30th and EVERY weekend is booked from now till the end of the month! Another sign the year is moving forward. Less REST DAYS!

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