Monday, April 14, 2008

Good Weeks, Bad Weeks

We all have them; some weeks are great. You feel good, get in all the exercise you need and have an all round good feeling! Then there are the bad weeks; maybe you're injured, or you just don't feel like yourself.

This might be a bad week.

Last week was GREAT. I got out almost everyday, and ran with work to help put my manager who is injured. But Saturday I woke up with a familiar twinge in my lower back. So I was worried that maybe it was going to flare up, again!

On Sunday morning, I could barely move. I managed to drag my butt to run club, which helped very little. So now I have a name of a great Chiropractor and the next time I have the chance (which looks like mid May LOL) I will be going in and getting this solved once and for all!