Monday, September 26, 2011

Adventures in Halloween Costumes

Well Fall is upon us.  Thanksgiving here in Canada is right around the corner.  And then comes HALLOWEEN!

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Even more than Christmas.  We decorate the house up and have even been known to have a Halloween party or two!  And with The Boo celebrating her birthday before and I the day after, it makes it even more festive!

This weekend the hunt was on for this year's costumes.  We had done a little research online first.  Cam Man was easy: Thomas The Tank Engine.  He is on a big Thomas kick right now.

Con Man was a little more of a challenge.  He wanted to be a Superhero.  But which one? He finally decided on Iron Man, with a Mask and all. He is going to look pretty cool.

The Boo..............

She was another story entirely.

The Boo wants to be a princess.  Ok, no problem.  She has A TON of princess dress up clothes that would suit just fine.  But of course, she doesn't want to be a PINK princess.  No.  She wants to be Belle from "Beauty and The Beast".  YELLOW Belle.  So after two stores we were finally able to find the costume she wanted.

Why do I have feelings of dread when thinking of Prom Dress shopping.............

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Nikki said...

Oooh, I want to see pictures of the Thomas costume. I think my son would die to be Thomas!