Thursday, May 20, 2010

Three Things Thursday

  1. I have managed to get out two more times since my race this week. Both 5k! I feel pretty good too. With the month coming to an end and work ramping up, I will be running home from work a few times, otherwise I won't be fitting running in at all in the next 18 days! This is also sort of a grey area when it comes to running. It is in between plans, so hopefully I can keep it up before my next training schedule kicks in next Thursday
  2. I think I may have failed to mention that in the next round of clinics I will be teaching! YES, I will be teaching the Women's Only Clinic starting next Thursday. It is the Learn to Run program, but it id taught by a female instructor (me) and only has female participants. I will also be training using the 5k program as well. So lots of running will be had in the next few months! Phew!
  3. Our celebration dinner is tonight! Yay Carbs :)

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Marlene said...

Enjoy the dinner!!!