Friday, June 13, 2008

Freakin' Friday

So far so good this week! Let's see how I am doing, shall we?

Sunday - 7k - Actually 10+, but in 40 degree heat!
Monday - Rest - Yep
Tuesday -4k - Yep
Wednesday - 3k- with a work buddy at work, so lots of hills! But slow
Thursday - 3k - not so much. An AF related migraine hit and Maxolt was my only friend last night!
Friday - Rest day! Date night baby!
Saturday 3k - going to run to work. Works out to 5k
Sunday - 7k - Father's Day, so I will be up early and then brunch with the Dad's in my life!

At least SOME of the humidity has gone away, but it seems to be creeping back in today. GAH! I hate humidity, I wish at least this was Jamaica!