Thursday, February 7, 2008

Weigh In Week ?

So i didn't weigh in this week. We had an awesome weekend, full of good food and not a lot of exsercise. I was all ready to go and weigh in......and I didn't. But I have a good excuse. THE FLU!

I woke up on Monday feeling great. But as the day wore on, I started to feel crappier and crappier. By Monday night I was done. I spent most of Tuesday in the bathroom. And of course, I am the only one that got it!

I don't think I was up, but I am trying to be very good for the rest of this week, since I could barley stomach anything and I am sure my weight will be all over the place!

I ran for about a Kilometre today, but I turned around. In case you don't live in southern ontario, we got hit by a huge snowstorm and we have fifty feet of snow. Well not really fifty feet, but a lot!