Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scotiabank 5K Race Report

(Let me just preface this by saying this was a CRAZY day!)

We got to the race site EARLY so Colin could race his 1/2 Marathon. The Marathon Instructor from our store, Angie, came with us to cheer on her Marathoners. After using the bathroom, finding everyone and taking lots of pictures, they all lined up into their corrals. Angie and I ran down the line to catch the start. And off they went! I managed to spot Marlene at the beginning, but she was running too fast to call out ;)

Once the final racers crossed the start, Angie and I ran a few blocks west to catch a cab and get to The Prince's Gates at Exhibition Place. It is located at the 7 and 17 mark of the race, give or take a few metres. We saw everyone there and back including hubby and Marlene. She looked so STRONG!

Then it was back up to the finish. Once I saw Colin and got a good luck pep talk, and got a good luck hug from a very sweaty Marlene :) I jumped onto a bus and headed BACK down to the Prince's Gates and Exhibition Place.

For whatever reason, everyone had to be at the site an hour before the race even began. It made for a lot of standing around and waiting. And more waiting. At this point, all I could even think is "just let me run already". We ended up lining into our corrals and soon enough, away we went!


The first K of this race is so tough. You loop up and away from the gates, run around the parking lot and to about 500 metres to the Gates. There are always a lot of people and not a lot of room. I was so busy running past people I didn't notice my pace.


From 1 to 2k I started to feel tired and couldn't figure out why. Then I looked down at my pace and saw a 5:59. Um, that's a bit fast for me. I brought it back and took my first walk break.

3K to 4K

This part of the race is entirley under the Gardiner and on Lakeshore. I was getting a whole lot of messed up messages on my Garmin and new I was by myself for the remainder of the race.

4K to 5K

Once you turn off the Lakeshore and up on Bay it is entirely uphill. Training where I do should help me with that, but this is where I lost my Sub 40. I knew I ran out too fast and I had nothing left in the tank. At 600 metres I actually tripped and almost fell! But I caught myself and just kept running. I saw Marlene at the finish along with her hubby and some friend P and U. High fives and I kept going. I finally saw Colin about 200 metres from the finish. He kept saying "Run, you've got this". But I already knew I was going to be about a half minute short. Once I saw the finish I think I managed a smile and went through.

I collected my medal, met hubby and we headed home.

Overall I am happy with my time. But I still have a lot of work to do. If a 2:30 1/2 Marathon time is in my future, I need to speed things up.

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Marlene said...

Yeah baby!

Hahaha, sorry about that sweaty hug! LMAO! Thanks again for all your support out there. Totally awesome.

What a long day for you.. I would be so out of sorts starting a race after already being down there for 6 hours!

Sorry that you didn't get your sub-40, but you are so close that I know you can taste it! You'll get 'er next time!