Monday, December 14, 2009


I am always at a constant battle with myself when it comes to WI Monday. I have my pluses and my negatives.

For one, it keeps me on track during the weekends. Weekends in our life are insane. Constantly going and coming. And now I am working again which brings it's own share of challenges (Starbucks and South Street Burger Company are RIGHT outside the back door). So having the Monday WI stops me dead in my tracks when it comes to any temptations that are put in front of me.

The negatives though........they seem huge.

Weight Watchers needs to be seen as a lifestyle change. Not a diet. The second you start telling yourself that you "can't" have this or "shouldn't" eat that, you are setting yourself up for failure. Before you know it that one cookie you shouldn't have eaten turns into the bag. Or, in my case, not enjoying my weekends with my family because I am so overly concerned with what I am or am not eating is making me miserable.

I didn't put this weight on in a month, it isn't going to come off in a month either.

But by Sunday night, I am so wound tight and dreading WI the next day, I feel horrible.

I am going to stick with Monday WI for the time being. But it has given me something to think about, that's for sure!


Marlene said...

Hang in there my Monday Buddy. :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

You can DO it!! Keep it up!