Monday, January 15, 2007

Week Two Weigh In

Good Monday Morning All!

If you are in the Toronto Area this morning, then you all know Old Man Winter came a knocking today. Yuck!

So this morning I weighed 235.1! Yay. I am now down 4.9 pounds after two weeks. I happen to think that is pretty good progress. So on to week three I go.

Right now I am try to come up with some sort of "Cold Weather & Baby" exercise routine! Not so easy. I am doing Yoga three times a week with a DVD "Yoga for Weight Loss" but I need to get some cardio in, since walking isn't that easy right now. Especially with Connor. It is just too cold to walk outside. And getting our butts in gear to even take him to the mall to walk is a chore at night. Ah well.

Colin also started Weight Watchers again last week! He is down too! He is a lifetime member, but he isn't going to the meetings. Too expensive. SO I created a spreadsheet he can follow! I think he likes it........