Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mission: Get Fit

Something came over me last night. Once dinner was over I decided I needed to go on a mission. A mission to find a gym!

I went to FIVE different gyms. Five. In fact, I am pretty sure I went to every gym in the area!

The first gym isn't even open yet. It is called Ocean Breezes Fitness Centre. It's is Newmarket. It was WAY to expensive monthly. They wanted over 100 dollars. Damn. For that I might as well join Glenway! So that was out.

Then I went to Curves. I spent about ten minutes standing at the reception desk until someone finally came up to me to let me know that I needed to make an appointment. When I asked when someone would be available she said "you need to call"! So needless to say, Curves lost a customer.

Next was Fit City for Women. It's in the Weston Plaza at Yonge and Mulock. Now because it is an all women's gym I was pretty confident. Till I walked in.....holy cow there was way too many skinny in shape women in there. Like a third of the size of me lol! But I did talk to someone about a membership. It was also a bit expensive. Especially to initially join. So that was also out.

The second last stop was Forever Fitness. Now keep in mind, I am travelling around looking at these places around the time I will be going to the gym. There was NOWHERE to park at Forever Fitness. It is VERY popular. So that was out lol!

Finally, I decided to try Goodlife for Women in the Superstore Plaza. So I went in and immediately recognized Marlene's brother's girlfriend Lindsey. She had me look around to see if I liked the place. It was nice. Small, but not to busy for seven in the evening. Plus, they also have childcare for kids as young as six weeks! That was also a bonus. We sat down and she told me what the promotion for this month is. You don't pay the Administration fee (59.00), the membership or card fee (49.00 and 39.00) and your first and last month are free (59.00 each) So instead of paying 206.00 dollars, you pay nothing to join. Well actually I needed to pay 1.06 with tax! So I decided to go for it. Close to home, and you have the option of going to ANY Goodlife in the country. So maybe if someone I know joins one, we can go to that one too!

So now I once again belong to a gym. I am also going to be working with a personal trainer, which is so helpful to me. I love the motivation that it gives me! Tonight after dinner is my first go! So yay! Wish me luck everyone!