Thursday, August 19, 2010

Three Things Thursday

  1. We ran 4K last night in our 5K clinic for 34 minutes. I am faster than I used to be, but not as fast as I would like to be. My dreams of a sub 40 5K this year are slipping I think. But I am going to try my darnedest to do it. Still 4 1/2 months to go! Plus, if you look at the finish of all of these race ends on hills like THESE!
  2. I've been drinking a Protein Shake before every run and it really seems to be giving me the energy that I need to kick it up a notch during my runs. Its really easy to throw together and it's delicious. When it comes to running under 5K, nutrition can sometimes be a real struggle, because you really aren't sure what to eat. You can't eat too much, because you aren't burning too many calories. But if you eat too little, you aren't properly fueled and your run ends up being pretty much a giant fail!
  3. I was looking at my schedule and saw that the weekend of Road2Hope (which hubby is running the Half Marathon) I will be running 13K. Well Road2Hope has a 5/10K challenge. Its only 2K more.............

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Marlene said...

And you'll be able to count on race day excitement/adrenaline too! You WILL do it!