Friday, November 27, 2009

Something BIG on the Horizon

Wow wow wow.

A lot has been going on here in my little part of the world. It's always an exciting time around here.

I am heading back to work in December! My first shift is on December 6th. I am VERY excited. I will also be working on Boxing Day so extra money there!

My second week on WW has been interesting. I do not expect a loss nearly as good as last week, but that is to be expected.

In February, there is a big change a coming to me! No I am absolutely NOT PREGNANT again (and if you did the math, you'd know that was true). I may or may not post about it at all here, it is very personal, but it is a HUGE part of who I am now. So wait and see!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Week 1 WI

Down 5.4 YAY!

I want to lose 2 pounds this week! Wish me luck!

Nothing really new to report here. I am still waiting on my work schedule so I have no idea when I will be working next week. Hopefully I will know soon enough!

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Doing what is right for me vs. what is right for US

Maybe it isn't the best name for this post, but something has to give.

I am going back to work in December because well, I just can't stay at home with the crappy benefits I am getting. I am also excited though, because it will get me out of the house for some me time!

On the other side of things, I feel so GUILTY going back to work early. I had to do the same with Sydney, because I didn't qualify for benefits. And I don't remember alot of her between three months and a year, because I worked so much. Even though I stay home during the day with them, we are always so busy!

Then there is Weight Watchers. In 2005 when we first started our journey, it was so much easier. I tried to do the online Weight Watchers, and it didn't work. You have to be accountable to someone other than yourself. So I took the very last of my birthday money and went back to meetings on Monday. My starting weight is horrible, and it's exactly 20 pounds heavier than I was when I went back after Sydney was born. But so far this week, it has been great. Even with having to go to a work event on Tuesday evening.

So in the grand scheme of things I look at it like this:

  1. Going back to work early, although not ideal, will help to provide for our family
  2. Spending some little extra on the Weight Watchers meetings instead of online will help with my health and well being in the long run. Which means I will be around longer to be with my kids.

Does any of that make any sense lol? Who knows. Sometimes you just have to say it out loud!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Much New To Report

We had a quiet week last week with the kids away at Grandma's. Which was probably a good thing because we were both so SICK!

So really running and almost all activity has taken a downward spin. Which I find odd since I was on such a roll. I will try to get back into things this week.

Some that know me IRL know how much I like photocards. Basically I take any info for a party/birth announcement/holidays and send them to Lindsay at Grace Announcements. We went to high school together and she is a Momtreprenuer, so I am always happy to send her my things and she send back some really amazing product. I entered into a contest on her website and WON! Which is awesome lol! So I will be able to choose any design from the 2009-2010 holiday collection and I will be getting 50 cards for free! How awesome is that?

Monday, November 9, 2009


My very very bestie Marlene and hubby Colin threw me a "surprise" 30th birthday party this past weekend. And it was an amazing time. Dancing, singing, partying down, copious amounts of food and drink. And a good time was had by all. The people I love most in the world were there and it was incredible.
So thank you so much everyone! Here is to at least 30 more years lol!
In other news, my two oldest are spending the week at their Grandma's place. So that means it is just me and the littlest dude. Which is a good thing because I am sick :(
Just a cold, but I am still feeling under the weather, so it will be nice to relax a little, and not have to chase little ones around the neighborhood. The weather is BEAUTIFUL so I may venture out for a walk later.
Garmin is still dead as dinner. I tried calling the Garmin technical support. I think I am going to have to "write a letter" lol. Nah, I am calling Customer Service this afternoon. Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Poor Garmin

So last Wednesday while on the way to Run Club, the mode button on my Garmin 305 seemed to be empty i.e. there was nothing to push. But I did manage to get it working and went on my way.

Fast forward to Sunday. It didn't work. At all.

Le Sigh. I live and BREATH by this thing. Why oh why is it broken NOW.

I need a new Garmin if I can't get it working. I'll add it to "my list".

But you read that right, I ran on Wednesday, Sunday and again last night. Tonight I am going back to start 4 & 1'S! Wow. I never thought I would make it this far.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Naughty List

I've been a bad girl.

So not only has my fitness been lacking in the past few weeks, but I have also been slipping up in the food department. Big time.

I have a list of things that I can never bring into the house. Ever. And they have been plentiful in the past few weeks.

  1. Baked Goods, including brownies, cakes, fresh breads, bars, scones and biscuits. I can eat three tea biscuits without even flinching. If I see it there, I will eat it. Easy to grab.
  2. Regular Soda. While I do drink Diet Coke, my preferred poison is actually good old Coca Cola. So good. And oh so bad.
  3. Chocolate, of any kind. I mean, anything. Even those 100 calorie packs and bars are bad for you when you eat six at a time.
  4. Kraft Dinner. It's basically the devil. I can eat one box no problem. In fact, I just did.

But there are things that I can keep in the house and it really doesn't bother me all that much.

  1. Peanut Butter/Nutella. This is a real problem for a lot of people. But we have a 2 pound tub of PB in the cupboard that I don't even look at. While I do eat it, I have never really cared for it all that much. Same with Nutella I am afraid. Just doesn't float my boat.
  2. Candy. You know things like jujubes, jelly beans, Sour Keys etc. Anything WITHOUT chocolate. I cannot stand the stuff.
  3. Alcohol. Now don't get me wrong, I can get my drink on. And I have. But once I got my post pregnancy binging out of the way, I have had a bottle of my favorite wine on the wine rack that I haven't touched.

I need to get back on track. Once I go back to work in December, I am going to be seriously lacking in free time.