Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Stuff

We had our first appointment with the Midwives on Tuesday. The first thing I can say is this is not a trip the kiddies will be making with me very often. They are both just too crazy to control.

My Primary Midwife is Ann and her co-Midwife is Amanda. I have had experience with Ann before. In fact, she was there when Connor was born. She seems very sweet.

BP - 100/56
Weight - More than I thought.

My protein and glucose were also a little high, which can probably be explained by the extra weight I am carrying around. I have been told that I need to try and watch what I eat and do everything I can to not gain any weight (yeah, easier said than done). I am also going for the 1 hour glucose test early to make sure that I do not have the beginnings of Gestational Diabetes. Greeeeeaaaat.

My next appointment is on February 24th. I will be sure to leave the kids at home for this one!

In other news....well I really don't have any thing else. It has been snowing here again and that makes going out with the kids nearly impossible.

Hope everyone is having a great week!