Friday, December 12, 2008

I am sorry

Hello fellow bloggers!

I apologize for my absence of late. But things around here have been INSANE!

Christmas is fastly approaching and most of the shopping is done. Just a few small bits that we need to pick up and it will be finished. Then I can get my hubby to start wrapping!

The "surprise" I spoke of in my last post has come and gone. I had planned with the help of some family a 30th anniversary party for my Mom and Dad. It was a huge success and there were a lot of laughs.

Connor turned 2 on December 5th! 2, I can't believe it. And I found it hard to start thinking about Christmas BEFORE his party was over.

And I feel sick, which makes things harder. But I am always sick over the holidays. My only hope is that the little boos don't catch it too!

Oh, and I sprained my ankle, which put a huge damper on my running. But slowly I am back at it. VERY SLOWLY!