Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Drawing a Blogging Blank

There is a lot going on but I can't seem to find something to write about? Go figure.

The holiday season seems to have come early for us this year. We have already had two pretty significant snowfalls and a lot of people seem to be putting their lights up and turning them on earlier this year. I usually wait until after the American Thanksgiving to get into the swing of things. So next weekend we will be putting up the Christmas tree and all the decorations. Luckily I am working so hubby will be doing all the work. I will miss it, but they will wait to decorate the tree once I get home!

Running was great this week. I misplaced my schedule, but I think this week looks like this:

Monday - off
Tuesday - 4k
Wednesday - 4k
Thursday - 3k
Friday - off
Saturday - 4k
Sunday - 9k LSD

Total - 24k

I am working a lot in the next few weeks, so that means more morning runs than I would like.....