Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Thursday "Stroll"er to the Library

Well, the kids and I were feeling a little stir crazy this morning. So I piled them into our trusty double stroller and we took a walk to the Aurora Public Library! Welcome to Aurora!
Connor really got a kick out of all the "wildlife" LOL! These duckies are busy swimming away from him!

I was excited to see a Sports Nutrition store on the way. So I thought I would stop in and see what they had to offer in the way of advice..........

Unfortunately, this was what we saw when we got there. A sign of the times I guess!

Just how many Maple Streets do you think there are in North America? This one is just north of Wellington Road, at Yonge Street. The houses in this area are very old and beautiful.

This was one of MANY roadblocks on the way to the library and back. But these gentleman were nice enough to stop and let us pass by without electrocuting us! Thanks guys!

We made it to the library in just over an hour. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. Registered for my Library Card (which was free. Awesome!) and picked up two cookbooks and "Running for Mortals". This is the check out area. And the only place they would let me take a picture!

A beautiful, mint condition Cadillac Eldorado. This car is gorgeous. It is so spooky looking and I must admit, I wouldn't mind driving it around. It has such a great look to it!
Once again, a road block that we didn't go past. Asbestos. Yummy!

The historic Hillary House. We were going to go in.................

But couldn't seem to find the entrance!

Stopped at Shoppers to get some band aids!

This is becoming a habit of mine..............cross the street Sarah!

I found a gift certificate in my purse for a free six inch sub from Quiznos! I got a Veggie Sub. I know, don't go too wild Sarah!

Craddock Park, off of Yonge Street. We were going to stop........but there was work going on in the soccer field!

The kids are having a blast so far! Only a few k's left guys and we will be home!
I decided to take Old Yonge for a change of scenery.................

Which promptly put Connor to sleep!

But smiling Sydney is still with us! Way to go girl!

The home, that looks like a steep hill.........
You may have to squint, but there is a herring and some geese there. I think?

This tree is at the corner of Industrial and St. John's Sideroad. It is so old and weathered. I can only imagine the things it's seen and how long it has been here.
Finally home and down for the count. Way to go guys!
Well, we managed to walk over 10k, and had a great morning. Now everyone is sleeping. Except Mom of course!