Monday, May 5, 2008

Sporting Life 10k Report

Bright and early yesterday morning I embarked with Colin and M&M down to Toronto for the Sporting Life 10K! It was my first race and it was so excited.

Except for some cold and cloud first thing, the day turned beautiful. The gun went off at eight and six minutes later I crossed the start line and off I went.

The first 5k was tough. The first 2K always suck, but my leg began acting up pretty bad. By the time I hit 5 I had to start walking. It was disappointing, but the last thing that I wanted was to risk and injury. It loosened up and I was able to start running again. I actually ran the last 2.5k continuously, although slow.

My official time was 1:36 minutes, but my chip time was 1:28 minutes (8288 overall). I was 8 minutes off my goal. But I finished and I was just so pleased!

Colin (4134) and Mark (4135) both finished at 1:00.6 minutes, but their chip time was 57:10. Good job guys!
Marlene was aiming for a 55 minute finish and kicked its butt! Her official time was 50:34 but her chip time was 49:09. She placed 75th in her age category and 1714 overall. VERY IMPRESSIVE.

So now that I know I can do it, and because this damn leg acted up, I am going to be doing another 10k soon in the future. And I am going to aim to beat my time. I know that I am capable and this is now becoming a huge part of who I am.

Some Pictures:

Colin and I at the finish

Mark and Marlene all smiles!