Monday, May 19, 2008

May 2-4

Well the weather has been sufficiently crappy this weekend.

Colin and I have both been battling this cold that has been going around. And of course, BOTH the kids have it. They seem to be fairing well, but it makes getting out to run a bit of a struggle.

Colin and I went out yesterday together (!) and ran a strong 8+ k before we had to head home due to the heavens opening on us! It was a great run until then. We were up at Mom and Dad Francis' so it makes for a real hilly time. And we would have done the 11k we had planned if ti wasn't for the weather. But running in these conditions is something you should try to do if you can, because you are training for a race day that may or may not have the same conditions.

So Mudrun is less than three weeks away! Again, this isn't going to be a run that we run for a PB. This one is only for fun!