Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Crazies

The kids are coming down with the Christmas Crazies.

Every year they are given the "Wish Book" in which they are asked to choose a select few Toys to ask Santa for. In years past there wasn't much that they were interested in. But now they want EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING.

The Boo seems especially worse this time around. Every page. Every Barbie, Disney Princess, etc. She ask if she can have it. I tell her maybe. She hears YES.

But I think I finally came up with a way to calm her gimmes down:

The Boo: Mama can I have......list off several different items.
Mama: Tell you what Boo, Santa will bring you every toy you ask for, but then there will be none left for all the other girls and boys. 
The Boo: Oh. I guess I don't need everything then!

She is a smart cookie.


Jason Crouse said...

It's the pent up demand. I feel it too, they are not alone.

Life Coaching Online said...

It's really fun having the wish list for Santa. Eventhough, not all in the list will be given, I'm still happy having the experience of it. Happy holidays!

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Merry Christmas! I'll be happy to receive anything from Santa, but it would be better if it's in my wish list.:)

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