Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back to Basics

I have made it no secret that my ultimate goal is to shed some of this "Post Baby" weight. How much isn't really in my mind right now. But enough that I don't run a 8:35 walk adjusted Kilometer. And enough that I can fit into all the pretty clothes that have been hanging in my closet since January of 2006.

Recently I began using Nutrisystem. And it worked well. But it is way too expensive, especially with another adult in the house. I was still spending the same on groceries as I was before, plus buying the food. So I have decided to go back to what I know: Weight Watchers.

I have been using the online tools for Weight Watchers all year. It especially helps when my activity (i.e. training) is up and I need to figure out activity points. I always use the Flex Plan and not Core because while I don't like being told what I can't have. And I like me carbs way too much. Ideally I would LOVE to go back to meetings, but I can't afford it right now. So it will be online for me!

So it's back to the basics and these very good rules to live by:

Drink Water ALL DAY LONG
Eat your Veggies, especially at lunch
Limit my Alcoholic Intake (See I can't drink "just one" glass of wine. All my nearest and dearest know that!)
Exercise is the key (since my training begins again next Wednesday, that won't be a problem)

Hopefully this time, I will be able to stick to this. Especially with Christmas coming up soon!