Monday, August 31, 2009

Toronto Women's 5K Race Report

We woke up a little late on Saturday morning, due to the fact the off button on the alarm got hit instead of the snooze button. Luckily both hubby and I are always organized the night before. So we were able to just get up and go!
After a quick stop to get some coffee, we drove down to Eglington/Leslie and to Sunnybrook Park, where the event was taking place. We made our way to the start and managed to find my BFF Marlene and a friend, who she was pacing. After some pictures, a quick potty break and a good luck kiss from hubby, I headed to the back of the start line. Since I was walking the race, and there were at least 500+ ladies, I didn't want to get in the way

The gun (or horn) sounded promptly at 8 and we were off! Here I am crossing the start line:I had no real goals going into the race except to finish.......but as I got going, I felt great. And I thought that maybe I could possible beat my personal best in a 5k. My first 2k felt good. I passed a few of my fellow walkers, as the runner were also making their way back around to finish their own races. I saw some familiar faces on my way back, which felt great.

We continued onto the turn around and soon came to the only water station on the course, manned by firefighters! While they weren't in full uniform (bummer) they were still not so hard on the eyes! I managed to stop for a photo at their request (very cool) and began to make my way back to the start (or finish?).

A familiar problem made itself known at about 3k. No matter what distance, around the halfway point of EVERY race I have participated in, it rears it's ugly head.


I have two "hot spots" and both were up to their usual tricks. And it started to slow me down. But when I hit 4k and saw I was quickly being gained on, I really began to pick up the pace. With just a few hundred metres to go, I rounded the corner and saw the finish line. I was joined by M, and began to run a few metres with her. She brought me in and I finished a strong 51:07:04 (chip time 50:19:01). I DESTROYED my previous personal best by over 4 minutes.

I grabbed some grub (including chocolate....yummy) and got a celebratory photo:

Overall, I was really happy with my finish. I think I could have been under 50 minutes if I hadn't had my feet flare up. I really need to find a way to stop blisters. Anyone?

Up next, The Scotiabank 5K on September 27th. Again, I have no real goals except to finish. But we'll see what happens!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Crazy Idea...........

......from the mind of Sarah!

So I have decided, after talking with hubby, that I will not be running again until at least January. There are many reasons why, but mostly, I don't want to risk injuring myself right now. Especially with three little babes to look after. But I do want to get my walking back to where it was. I was able to walk a half marathon the fall before I found out I was pregnant with Cameron.

So in an effort to keep myself accountable (at least in the exercise department) I have decided to walk in a "race" for every month the rest of the year!

Now before everyone gets excited I have no real intention of racing these races. They are simply there as a reminder that I cannot sit on my butt every night when Colin comes home from work. So, the races are as follows:

Toronto Women's 5k
Scotia Waterfront Marathon 5K
Whitby Waterfront Races 5k
Resolution Run

All are 5k races and my only goal is to complete them BEFORE they close the course!

I was also pleasantly surprised to discover I have returned to my pre-pregnancy weight before Cam! At only 2 weeks post partum that is nice. It's nice to fit into my old clothes already!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting back to my "old" self and some INSPIRATION

Well, only little over a week later and I "think" things are starting to fall back into place. The kids are acting a little strange, but otherwise they have enjoyed having their Dad around this week. And so have I. But he is back to work on Monday. Boo.

I am starting to worry about my sanity concerning the race next weekend. When I signed up I thought that I would be much further along in my recovery so it wouldn't be a problem. Alas, the little man decided to wait it out, I was induced (which presents a whole set of other issues) and I am still not feeling great. I wanted to get out and walk at least one 5k route before the race, but I don't think I will be able to accomplish that. Plus, in looking to the race rules, it appears that they are not allowing iPods............ugh. I know, I know, you can use them, but I always feel like I will be the one that gets a DQ because I didn't follow the rules.

Bottom line, I have an hour to finish and I am determined to do at least that. Finish.


I could use some help from the few of you that are still out there reading. I need some inspiration.........most of you follow so many blogs, it is pretty hard to decide which to follow myself. So what I want to know is, what are your favs? I read from my blog roll everyday, but I would love to read some more! Let me know in comments which blogs you can't live without!

Monday, August 17, 2009

He's Here.............

I am pleased to announce the arrival of Cameron David Macdonald

Cameron made his appearance on August 12th, 2009 at 6:23pm after being induced (which was not in the original plan!) He was a healthy 9 pounds 3 ounces and 21 inches long. It was awesome and we are all home now enjoying our time together!
And if you can believe it, I already have a race lined up! I will be walking the Women's Only 5K here in Toronto on August 29th. I have an hour to complete it, which is all I am aiming for.
I also will be walking the Run4Rett on October 17th. I will have started my Learn to Run clinic by then, but I wanted to participate in this one too!
I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer, regardless of the weather so far. Some have had it too hot, some have had to deal with nothing but rain! But it looks to be shaping up to be a very nice summer for the remainder!